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Fall / winter 2016/2017 fashion? Black & white dominates

Black and white is a timeless combination and, even in the cold season, it becomes ultra fashion with maxi polka dots, asymmetrical stripes, irregular squares and gritty zigzag lines. Women's bags in the legendary black and white colors have always been synonymous with style and elegance and for the autumn / winter 2016/2017 they are declined with strong optical games with patterns made of maxi polka dots, bold zig zags, gritty and irregular geometries with asymmetrical and square stripes that recall the world of the grand prix. Optical black & white motifs are always a sophisticated choice in accessories and add an elegant touch to any look. One of the must-haves of the season is undoubtedly “Antigona” by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, a leather satchel bag with brogue-style perforated motifs. A truly refined, roomy and practical city bag, to be used for both work and leisure. For those who love capacious bags and love to be noticed, the black and white tote bags with really bold optical patterns by Paul Meccanico signed by the designer Paul Albert Dari are indicated. Paul Meccanico women's bags are truly unique, in the sense that there is only one example for each proposed model. By choosing one of these fantastic tote bags you can give yourself the luxury of having a unique piece in the world.

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