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Good intentions for 2020

NEW YEAR NEW LIFE. We repeat it over and over again, every year, every January 1st, only to find ourselves after a few weeks not having changed practically anything.

We therefore endeavored not only to find good resolutions for 2019 but, if any, to find a method to ensure that they are respected at least until the end of the year.


GOING BACK TO THE GYM - The world is divided into those who register and attend assiduously (and you recognize them immediately for their great physique) and those who, unfortunately, are the vast majority, only enter the gym to pay the initial fee. The best way to work out is to start going there as much as possible and stick with it for the first three months. In fact, after the first period you will notice very high psycho-physical benefits, because remember it "mens sana in corpore sano", and you will no longer be able to do without it.

READ MORE - Reading Facebook posts or very short phrases rich in hashtags such as those of Twitter and Instagram cannot be considered reading. Reading is another thing. Reading means growing intellectually and in an age when ignorant sheep are needed it is not a trivial matter. To begin with, therefore, always keep your book with you, perhaps an e-book. And read only what really interests you.

STOP SMOKING - We are not doctors, so if yours is a serious problem, and you smoke 40 cigarettes a day, this is not the right place. Can't you give up the gesture, the ritual, the aroma of the cigarette? Ok, there it can be. But think that there is a version of you that will be just as good, even better, without smoking. Smoking is bad for your health and has very high costs, but you already know this. You will really be able to quit smoking only when you understand that you can do without it and still live very well.

PLAN A GREAT TRIP - Do you talk all year round about reaching your dream destination and always end up in the same place? How boring! The strategy is to think about it long ago, with a stoic decision. Find the destination of your dreams today and try to understand first of all how to reach it and how much it costs to stay there, booking four / six months before departure or alternatively, at the last minute with a certain amount of unconsciousness. The problems of travel, today, are solved with foresight and a little spirit of adaptation.

STAY MORE WITH THOSE WHO DESERVE IT - Work, commitments, thoughts and fatigue are the worst enemies of the people we love. Friends, if neglected, get lost. The children grow up quickly and will soon take flight. Parents will leave us sooner or later. We appreciate these treasures and take care of them as long as we have them.

DO THAT MEDICAL CHECK - Don't be afraid of the truth. Even if it costs in human and economic terms. Knowing that you are physically well is one of the sources of the greatest well-being of all. As long as you don't become a hypochondriac, the symptoms should not be underestimated. Put yourself in the hands of real doctors. Get used to recognizing the professionalism of specialists when you are in shape, it will be useful in less optimal moments of health. If in doubt, remember that the Internet is the worst doctor around.

DIET - Diet does not mean "not to eat" but to eat well. Think of it as food awareness. Eating healthy food at least 5 times a day, limiting industrial products and cooking raw materials yourself is already a good way to get back on your feet.

SAVE MONEY FOR MY PROJECTS - Saving money in times of crisis seems like a real utopia. But if we counted all the money we spend on daily nonsense, maybe buying that thing we have been dreaming of for a long time would be possible.

LEARN OR IMPROVE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Do you hide every time an English tourist asks for information? Would you like to sing the world hit of the moment without making up the words? A little effort is enough, and you don't need a euro. For once, use the web to good effect.

FIND MY SPACES - Will I have time for the beautician? Will I be able to cook that dish promised to my love six months ago? Will I one day have two hours to go see that movie at the cinema? The best way to have time for yourself is to take it. Don't feel guilty. The secret here is to write, schedule commitments, do like successful people. Prioritize, decide on dates, don't put off as if your every appointment is an important piece of your career. Getting to the end of the day knowing that you have fulfilled not only your obligations, but also your other desired options will make your life richer and more interesting.

LOOKING AFTER LOVE - Love that is not cultivated day after day brings doubts and shortcomings. Making unexpected gestures, surprises and giving sincere hugs will certainly strengthen your relationship.

HELPING AN ELDERLY NEIGHBOR - As you know, elderly people really appreciate the help of a neighbor they trust. Therefore, to do will tariate, it is not necessary to go to a hospital or a nursing home where there are sick people. You can make yourself useful even a few steps from your home. Accompanying an elderly person to go shopping, fix something broken or just chat with him will make him happy, but your satisfaction will also be very high even without receiving anything material in return.

HAPPY 2020

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