Gratis verzending voor bestellingen boven 100,- euro in heel Europa



"Made in Italy" is one of the best known and most appreciated brands in the world. Undisputed synonym of excellence, know-how, creativity, quality, style and taste.

It goes without saying that for the big names in fashion, being Italian is a strength, which translates into high sales.

It is a pity, however, that almost all of them actually produce or buy from foreign suppliers. Foreign suppliers located in countries where workers' rights are in no way protected with production costs, consequently, significantly lower than Italian ones.

Armani in Cambodia, China, Georgia and Moldova; Versace in China, Slovakia and Moldova; Dolce & Gabbana in Morocco, India, Moldavia and Romania; Prada in Slovakia; Ermenegildo Zegna in Turkey; Benetton in Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and China; and we could go on and on with the list. We did not write nonsense but we have reported some of the many, and detailed, reports that the Clean Clothes campaign or the “parent company” Clean Clothes Campaign have made around the world.

Attention, it is a consolidated and legal practice. The legislation, in fact, in the EC Regulation 450/2008 states that "the goods to which two or more countries have contributed to the production are considered to originate in the country or territory in which they have undergone the last substantial transformation". ABSURD!

LEGAL OK, but how right is it to call that garment “made in Italy”? And make him pay exorbitant prices? Isn't that a nice and good deception for the consumer?

The serious thing is that these Italian brands are recognized as ambassadors of the "made in Italy". Does it seem fair to you?

NO to us and that is why we tell you about it.

Don't worry, the "real made in Italy" still exists. You can find it above all in small businesses, such as Paul Meccanico, which manufacture their products in all their phases in the Italian territory, with Italian materials and labor. In these companies, often linked as we to an artisan tradition, the quality and the origin represent first and foremost a point of honor.

Once again STOP AND THINK.

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