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Our creations are not simple bags: they are the expression of a philosophy of thought that places the authenticity and uniqueness of each of us before the impositions of an approved, patinated, falsely perfect world.

We, on the other hand, love to define ourselves as an expression brand: we don't want to dictate a fashion, but to offer an expressive code. This is why we have created two lines of bags in two different materials, both united by an eccentric, colorful, kaleidoscopic graphic style, subject to infinite rewriting.

Our bags are available in synthetic leather, for those who want to combine an alternative look to a more traditional material, and in lorry tarpaulin, for those who want to break all the molds.

The lorry tarpaulin is a particular material, different from all those you are used to seeing in leather goods: it must be known, cared for and above all loved for what it is. The first to use it were the designers of the Swiss brand Freitag. But they use recycled tarpaulins, we, to ensure maximum cleanliness, versatility and durability, we only use new ones, specially printed with the graphics designed by our Paul.

Before buying a Paul Meccanico lorry tarpaulin bag, know that ...

They are handcrafted creations

Both the unique pieces and the limited editions are made according to an artisanal procedure. The times of designing a bag vary from 2 to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the piece. The graphics are always different and some models are composed of 12 elements. Paul creates and designs the model which is then made in selected workshops, but it is never a mass production. Each bag is designed, cut, sewn and finished individually and may have small imperfections. It is these small imperfections that make Paul Meccanico an authentic and unrepeatable product, a product with a soul.

They are printed in the tarpaulins

The lorry tarpaulin we use for our bags is printed directly on the tarpaulins, so the graphics can have a dotted and uneven appearance. Paul Meccanico was not born in the ateliers and is the furthest away from the glossy aspect of fashion: he is practical, concrete, easy-going, he speaks the language of real people, of real life.

They are sturdy

The lorry tarpaulin is extremely resistant. Each sheet weighs 650g per square meter and is designed to last for a long time. It resists atmospheric agents and temperature changes (it can reach -30 degrees or +70 degrees), mechanical traction, tearing and folding, but despite this we subject them to further treatment after printing, covering it with a double protective layer that makes it water-repellent and practically tear-proof.

They may have small scratches

But they are not defects, they are the sign that you have worn it. "Leave me all the wrinkles: it took me a lifetime to make them" Anna Magnani said to the make-up artist she was trying to cover them. Well, this is Paul Meccanico's philosophy: the bag is an accessory that lives with you day after day and bears the marks of what you do, what you live, what you are, showing the scratches it has made to protect your things from the rain, the sun, the crowd, proudly exhibits the little daily struggles he fights to guard what is dear to you. Every mark, every scratch, every little imperfection that will form on your bag will make it your unique piece, a part of your way of being. We say that once each bag has been purchased, he will build his very personal mask of him. And when we say mask we are referring to the truest sense of the term, that of person, face, interface between your interiority and the world around you.

They can change color over time

Bags get rubbed all over: on clothes (which often fade), on the seats of cars and public transport, on chairs, on floors, between them. We cover our bags with a double protective layer to prevent the digitally printed color from transferring to other surfaces, but it can happen that small spots and discolorations are created on the bag: it is not she who is badly made, nor are you. that you weren't careful enough, it's just normal. It happens to the real things that live in the world. You can still clean it: most stains will go away simply by wiping with a cotton cloth dipped in mild soap or cleansing milk.

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