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Charles Swindoll used to say that "the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail". By transferring this statement to the world of fashion, our thoughts immediately turn to accessories. Those with which we can indulge ourselves are many and in constant evolution, but there are three that can be defined as the accessories par excellence thanks to their ability to be both useful and ornamental: shoes, bags and belts. In this article we want to focus on the belt, today an indispensable garment for both men and women.

The literary definition of the word belt is "a strip of flexible material, fitted with a buckle, with which garments are tightened or supported at the waist". It is really strange to think that an object so coldly described could even be able to distort the look, making it more captivating, intriguing and original.

The belt has very ancient origins. Among the first to use it were the ancient Egyptians to support whole tunics on the hips and therefore make them more comfortable in case of sudden escapes. In all pre-Roman civilizations it had the function of distinguishing the military, religious and civil ranks as well as being used to hook the sheaths of swords or hang weapons on them, leaving the hands free. The outdated tradition that in humans the tongue beyond the buckle must end on the right side derives from the fact that the sword was carried on the opposite side and pulled out with the right hand. During the Renaissance, women also began to use them because they abandoned the rigid bodices to replace them with softer and lighter tunics which needed to be supported. From that moment on, the belt became ever lighter, more refined and refined to the point of becoming a true symbol of style.

Currently the belt is one of the must-haves of fashion and the main secret, we believe, is in its versatility. A belt gives many advantages: it personalizes and reshapes clothes, enhances the shape of the body, gives originality, supports dresses, skirts and trousers.

Sometimes we use the same belt, believing that it cannot make a difference or that it is not useful in making us original. On the contrary, we believe instead, that you should be very careful in choosing a belt for a special evening or for an important appointment because, as always, it is the details that make the difference. A beautiful belt, especially if handcrafted, chosen with taste can give us a distinctive touch of elegance and refinement that will make us unique in every situation of our day.

Do the "experts" say it goes with shoes? You already know, we do not like rules and impositions so we recommend using it as if it were a crazy variable, just like a tie, combining it in harmony or in contrast on any look regardless of the shoe you have on your foot because you remember ...


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